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EVO Web Solutions is a marketing company who specializes on service industries and core valued businesses who are looking for a different approach then your normal cookie cutter marketing companies. We work with clients from small to large and do not discriminate based on size.

Our main goal and focus is to provide a program that works for your business as we know that all businesses and budgets are not alike. We want to understand where you are now and what your goals are for the future. We conduct one and one analysis not using software programs but through personal dialogue and truly find the best solution for you. We evaluate where you are currently and what we can do to aggressively market you and position you accordingly.

Evo Web Design & Marketing Portland
EVO Web Solutions and our propreitary system gives us the ability to get our clients to the 1st page of Google for a majority of competitive search terms online. If you want to improve your online visibility and enhance the way people can find you, we can help.

What makes us different than the other marketing companies?

  • We don’t require long terms contracts!
  • All our sites are custom, search engine friendly website designs!
  • We limit our clients we work with to 2 per geographic area to help ensure that all our clients are successfully generating new business on a consistent basis!
  • Accountability! We offer top end tracking and website analytics to monitor the performance of your website.
We specialize in cutting edge web platforms, design and search engine optimization, the process of getting you targeted higher on Google organically. Our over 14 years of experience achieving these goals for businesses using some of our proprietary directories and partnerships with online reputation management systems will guarantee a greater positioning for your website.

We know that in today's competitive marketplaces just having a simple website is not enough. You need a website and strategy that makes a powerful impression on your sites visitors. Our goal either in design or implementation is to make it appealing and attention grabbing to make your website have a stronger appeal then your competitors. Let us discuss with you a win win solution in making the difference when it comes to an aggressive approach for online marketing.


EVO Web Solutions's knowledge about the advertising industry and the way they explained the different varieties and media outlets made more sense than other advertising agents who always pushed “bigger – better – spend more money”. They put us first, our budget, our company and our reputation are important to them, and I believe they really want us to shine and to prosper. With all the technology “out there” we needed someone who would put us in the forefront of “out there”. EVO Web Solutions, Elisa, came up with a strategic business plan to do that. The proof of their work with the web site changes and the search engines can be measured not only by my increased phone calls (all of them complimentary of the web site) but with actual reports from the different search sites tracking how users click on web site, amazing. Six months ago Goodman Sanitation, Inc. was barely a blip on anyone’s radar, and we have been in business since 1948 (third generation), now we are either number one on your search or at least on the first page. We love the results. Elisa from EVO Web Solutions is a caring individual, and we are glad that she chooses to work with us and represent us in the marketplace.
Teresa Hutchens
Goodman Sanitation, Inc.

Seriously I never expected so much from you and I know for SURE I would NEVER get this kind of service from anyone. You and EVO Web Solutions go above and beyond for us; usually we don't even ask -- you are always looking out for us. Like I said you have been a blessing. I couldn't be doing all I do without you. This isn't a reason to bill me more -- haha -- I know you don't over bill or make tons of money off us. You are here with us growing with us; and hopefully we can eventually give back to you with more referrals.

I think of you as a friend and a business partner.

Thank you.

Dottie Thunder

Thank You to EVO Web Solutions for putting together a plan that puts me ahead of the competition for my area. They took time in understanding my true core business and put together a marketing plan that is to this day a majority of where all my business comes from.

Elisa was great and actually shared her experience with other print and online advertising media outlets and helped me understand what is the best bang for the buck.


Steven - Sunset Carpet Cleaning

I want take a minute and thank the group at EVO Web Solutions. With a no pressure sales approach and definite results gave me an easy decision to join the team. We have tried ads in newspapers, radio, fliers, and other search base companies and none have worked like EVO Web Solutions. Sharing what they have done for our business is simple to explain, March gross sales were the largest we have ever had since 2000. Our phone calls have doubled and at times it’s been out of control.Last week we had the Chamber of Commerce President and Assistant come in and introduces themselves. During our visit I had mentioned that our business is still busy during this down economy. I attributed the increase in business to EVO Web Solutions getting more traffic to our web site. The assistant made the comment that “it wasn’t hard to find us on the web” when she was looking for business to visit in the area. What else can you say?

Again, thanks for the work you are doing in getting our business exposure. I honestly don’t think we would have made it through the winter without your help.

Jon Kari
President, janitor, employee, and nice guy
EIS Diesel

Reflecting on the past year we wanted to send a special note thanking you not only for your great service but customer relations!

You had stated that we would see our service rise to the first page in cities that we listed for in a short period of time. We were surprised to find within the first couple months our service listed not only on the first page but on the first line of some of the cities we were targeting with a brand new web site!

We also appreciate the fact that you make sure we truly understand not only the services you provide but how they operate and perform. You supplied us with tools from a third party that can track how your services are working for us in the real world! It was amazing how many ways our advertising can be tracked and then fine tuned for optimum performance!

Your follow-up and availability show your true concern for your client's needs. Not to mention your willingness to change standard procedures to meet the seasonal challenges and needs of some of your service providers, such as ours!

Add to all this your integrity and it is easy for us to continue our business relationship with you and look forward to the years ahead!

We feel like family!

Daryl North - President
North Woods Tree Service Inc.