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Be a Smarter Marketer

Whatever you re offering your customers, it is not an easy task to connect with your customers and soon-to-be customers. It requires a set of skills and strategies that grow with experience. Nowadays we are way ahead the “one-size fits all” marketing strategies. There is so much advertising out there, that experience and knowledge in creating a campaign that fits the needs of your organization is key nowadays. This makes it even more important to create smart marketing strategies that fit the context and truly are tailored to the customers you are aiming for.

Our marketers at Evo Solutions know everything from the psycho-social factors that affect your audience attention, to how to create strategies that will make your business grow. Become a smarter marketer today with our help from EVO Web Solutions.

Reach Out & Grab Your Customers with Compelling Content

Break your Addiction to Paid Media
Evo Web Design & Marketing Portland

When it comes to promoting your brand, the services that you offer, or simply to get people to know your company, compelling content is a must. That is, content that makes the reader/viewer want to continue reading, interact with you, learn more. That is what will often distinguish you from brands offering the same thing. Why should they choose you? Because you can keep them going and wanting to know more, unlike others who just expose information without making it captivating. Because you are different – you are unique, you are interesting and your information is useful and attractive.

You can have the most amazing product or service…but if you can’t drive people to get to know more about it, you may never reach your true potential. Without true, compelling content, your audience will only be around for so long. Nobody shares or follows uninteresting content.

That is precisely what we can offer you. We can create fantastic content that speaks to your audience to keep them engaged. Content that is perfectly adjusted to your industry. Our professional personnel can write and edit it, making sure it keeps your audience coming back to your website, maintaining and creating traffic that helps you generate and increase sales.

Video Will Account for 79% of All Web Traffic by 2018

How does your video strategy look? Your business may depend on it.
Evo Web Design & Marketing Portland

It has been estimated that IP traffic is increasing as days go by, and it will continue to go this way. With each new day, there are more internet users, more devices being used – and bigger and bigger video viewing. By 2018, Cisco predicts that out of all IP traffic, video will be responsible for a staggering 79% of it.

The reason behind it is mobility. People are always on the go, and companies must keep up with it. They don’t want long texts to read, or having to go somewhere to see a product. They want fast presentations that can be watched anywhere. It is, to put it simply, more convenient. Not to mention that movement catches potential costumers’ attention – you are more likely to look at something that moves than at something that does not.

And most people who watch videos end up sharing some of them – some sources predict that up to 92% of the viewers do so! Whatever this percentage may be, it has been proved that videos are more likely to be shared than text. This means more, free exposure to possible clients.

It comes as no surprise, that video marketing creates first-time opportunities for both businesses and individuals. So, if you are not using online videos in your marketing strategy, you are missing out. At Evo Solutions, we will help you change that.

Online video marketing allows your company/brand to reach customers fast, using your own voice and giving them a unique view of your product. It is easy to share, via social media platforms that you are using already.

Nevertheless, video marketing is a two-way road. If your videos aren’t of quality, you may scare away your customers. Our video experts will help you create videos with great quality that reach your customers at a personal level, increasing their trust on your brand and your revenues.

Organic Search & Web Presence Management Technology

Conductor For Your Entire Organization

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Web Presence Management

Are you aware of where your brand and services are represented online?

Are you adequately present online on the first page of Google?

We will manage all your website needs – from custom managed websites to content management, social media, ppc campaigns, online reputation management and more – to make sure your online presence is meaningful and professionally managed from beginning to end. At EVO Web Solutions we will make sure your company is available on the most appropriate online platforms, by discovering where and what is most suitable for your business needs.

Our services include Website Design, Web Hosting, SEO optimization, Social Media Management, Proprietary Directory listings, Online Reputation Management and much more. We will discuss with you the best measures that need to be taken to ensure your business and website receives the online traffic it deserves.

We help and establish your online presence to generate more traffic, both locally and nationwide.
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